Solutions to Expanding Business in Today’s Tough Economy

For small business owners and independent contractors looking to expand their client base, it is more important than ever to have a solid brand and a fully defined strategic approach to your company’s future to differentiate yourself from the pack. Whether you provide audit or IT services, hire out as a “virtual executive” to help companies transition, or even own your own tax prep business, you are going to be competing not only with other contracting companies but with in-house employees and that whole “business-as-usual” way of doing things. In the current volatile economy, much opportunity exists, as many companies have shifted their employment models away from the traditional permanent staff template to embrace the diversity and versatility of independent consultants.

Now you may or may not think of yourself as a business, but that doesn’t change the fact that you basically are one (even if only because the IRS tends to assume as much). The way you market your services should be different than for a regular job seeker and merely copying what you may have done as an employee to find permanent jobs won’t work. You need to be more proactive. In this market, you can’t sit back and wait for a recruiter or a company to come up with something for you; it takes motivation, passion, and the proper strategies.

At Global, we understand the market and have adapted our CJSS (Custom Job Search Strategy) to equip consultants and contractors with the tools they need to tackle the tough economy. It’s called the INTEGRATED CLIENT EXPANSION STRATEGY (ICES):

Our Core Expansion Premise is Simple: the professional knowledge and information you possess is also your best marketing tool.

We craft a professionally written marketing “bragging sheet” for you focusing on VALUE:
Even if you’ve worked as a contractor for years, a resume is still the single most important means of marketing your services to companies. Of course, as a contractor/small business owner, you’re not just marketing yourself; you are marketing a way of doing business. You need a resume that emphasizes what you bring as a consultant that a permanent employee can’t. Even more importantly, you’ll need one that portrays your status not as something you’re doing because you can’t find a permanent role but as a career you’ve embraced. You are in a position to provide companies with a unique perspective and with extensive and often specialized knowledge and experience that is crucial to the resolution of whatever short-term or long-term issues they may be having and your resume needs to express that. This is the first and most critical piece!!

Marketing as a Business and as a Professional:
The same principles employed when crafting your resume are also integrated into your online persona, whether you have just a professional blog (where you engage your field and discipline to illustrate the knowledge you possess) or a full-blown website. This is in turn connected to other social media, your online network, and the various professional organizations to which you belong.

With our expertise and utilizing the latest web-based technology, we provide you with an excel spreadsheet of companies and direct Hiring Managers with contact information, either within a certain mile radius from your home or in any other metro area you are interested in exploring, to help you build a solid list of prospects for current and future contractual opportunities.

An email is created specifically for YOU, to grab the attention of companies:
This is the next critical item (think of it as an email cover letter). This eliminates job boards, resume posting, and sending resumes into the black hole of an HR clerk’s spam filter, and puts you in the driver’s seat (as the owner of a company should be). HR professionals will get your resume AFTER the Hiring Manager tells them to call you, if at all, because you aren’t just another candidate: you’re a company offering an essential service. This ensures you get seen and you get to the top of list!!

One-on-One 12-Step Expansion Strategy Session:
Our professionals will sit down with you and take you through every step of the process. But this isn’t about us doing all the work; it’s about equipping you with innovative strategies and the proper mindset that you will need in order to compete now and in the future. This includes the following:

  1. 10 Tips for Growth in a Tight Market
  2. An Overview of the Process
  3. Systematic Prospecting
  4. Preliminary Target Investigation
  5. Pre-Campaign Planning
  6. Conducting a Campaign
  7. Developing Your List of Organizations
  8. How to Network
  9. How to Contact Organizations Directly
  10. How to Handle the Phone
  11. Succeeding When You Have Lost Your Spirit
  12. The Power of Social Media

ICES is an all inclusive service which normally costs $2000.
Pricing starts at $999 for the US market.
(Competitors typically charge up to $10,000)

Our consultants have over 15 years experience in the contractual recruiting industry so we know how the game is played and can inform and educate those that want to separate themselves from the crowd, providing you with the secrets that recruiters (who are, after all, small business owners themselves) have been utilizing for decades. Yes, it’s an investment, but for most professionals it’s well worth it!

“Keep on doing what you’ve been doing…and you’ll keep on getting what you’ve been getting. Excellence in anything, shares equal amounts of difficulty. If it’s easy or free, nothing changes.”


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"Pursuing new opportunities was challenging, being on an H1B visa. Arthur walked me through every step of the process, actively seeking all H1B employment possibilities... Landing my new job with a Big 4 firm was a dream come true as a result of Arthur’s relentless efforts and involvement. Arthur is truly an expert and I would recommend his “out of the box” approach and attitude to anyone!"

M.H.-Sr Auditor, CPA-Detroit

"I wanted to thank you for the amazing effort you made to revamp my resume! If not for your efforts and your bringing to my attention that my resume needed some serious reworking, I never would have secured a job at a Big 4 accounting firm in the US!"

M.G.-IT Auditor-Kuwait/Detroit

"It has been a pleasure working with Arthur. I was unemployed and couldn’t get a job because of some immigration issues. Arthur explained what the best options were for someone in my situation. He never turned his back on me even when I faced complexities in my visa petition. He was always available to answer any questions and provided whatever help he could."

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