Guerrilla Job Search Tactics to Get Ahead of the Competition

Most of you are missing up to 70% of available job openings.


Because the world of job searching has changed and you may not have changed with it. You might only know ONE WAY. No matter the economic times, boom or bust, the typical job seeker, usually through a lack of experience in the specialized labor market of the 21st century, falls into the “99% Trap”, the blind shot in the dark style of job seeking that usually includes the following:

The 99% Trap
(don’t try this at home!)

  • Post a resume on job boards…………………
    Resume is not professionally written and does not catch the eye of the Human Resources Professional and more importantly, the Hiring Manager; ends up at the bottom of the pile
  • Respond to a job posting
    Along with thousands of other job seekers and HOPE they get a call
  • Exhaust their network and resources
    Typically there is not much to exhaust

If you’ve tried the above method, you know that, at best, it’s a crap shoot. What you really need to succeed is an integrated approach to job searching and career planning. Learn what the other 1% of job seekers know – the vital information that ensures they get ahead in their careers – through our Custom Job Search Strategy (CJSS):

The Solution

  • Personal Branding via the INNER-VIEW (tailored to your experience level)
    We provide you with a professionally written resume that will immediately set you apart from the crowd cosmetically and technically because your BRAND (i.e., your resume and social media presence via LinkedIn, etc.) brings value-oriented information that Hiring Managers can see right away and that Human Resources can match to the relevant job openings at their company. This is the first and most critical piece!!
  • An intensive job search and career consulting session
    Designed to deliver a long-term career plan and short-term job search strategies utilizing non-traditional methods essential in today’s crowded labor market. In addition, ongoing advice and consultations will be provided via phone and email and in-person as needed.
  • An initial personal marketing campaign
    Intended to get your new resume into the hands of hiring managers at relevant companies through our extensive network and nationwide affiliates. This campaign is carefully crafted to fulfill your particular career goals, focusing on the companies, locations, and positions that you choose, and utilizes the latest in web technology and social media. And most importantly, it targets the decision-makers and not the bored HR clerks. We’ll focus on up to three metro areas of your choice, tailored to your specific needs (industry, company size, etc.).
  • The Follow-Through
    Our program isn’t about you sitting back and us doing all the work. It’s about teaching you the skills and insight you’ll need to ensure a satisfying and successful career path. So after the initial marketing has been completed, we provide you with the reference material necessary to expand the search further and a firm foundation for repeating the process in the future when it comes time to transition into a new role. This allows you to be PROACTIVE, mapping and shaping your own career, rather than allowing the twists of the market, the economy, and the company you’re with to determine where you end up.

Watch the CJSS in Action

The CJSS is an all inclusive, adaptable service which normally costs $4500.

Today, we are offering this service to US citizens and Green Card Holders starting at $1995. (Other companies charge up to $10,000)
See below for additional options if you need sponsorship, are already on a work visa, or are looking to work outside of the US.

And on top of that, we will throw in the “LinkedIn for Job Seekers” DVD (a $100 value) absolutely free. This comprehensive guide lays out the most effective strategies for using LinkedIn to enhance both job search and overall career development. This is an essential tool for all job-seekers and we are giving it away absolutely FREE to everyone who signs up for our CJSS Package.

And best of all, if Global Consulting successfully places you in your next job,
the CJSS fee for US-based professionals is 100% refundable!! You can’t lose.

Get in contact with us today to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation.
We can start as soon as you’re ready.
Your new career awaits!

Customized International Services

These programs are offered to professionals who are either outside of the US or on a work visa who are looking to work in the United States, or individuals seeking to work outside of the US, establishing the CJSS as a universal tool no matter what your current or future employment situation may be.

  • US Company Sponsorship Program 
    For our overseas clients, we also offer assistance locating a US Sponsor for an H-1B visa (the non-immigrant visa for those wishing to work for extended periods in the United States). Researching and understanding how this process works can be daunting but our staff has extensive experience with it, having placed numerous candidates over the last 15 years who required this work visa.

    Please visit our US Company Sponsorship Program page for details about this exciting offer.

  • International Custom Job Search Strategy 
    We recognize that many international or even US professionals might be interested in finding a new career outside of the US. We have recently introduced a service that fills that need, adapting our successful CJSS program to the international job market. This program includes all the same essential elements as the CJSS, including updated resume and personal job consulting sessions via telephone or Skype. And as with the domestic CJSS, we conduct a targeted marketing program for up to three metropolitan areas; only in this case, they can be anywhere in the world, catered to your specific needs. So if you are interested in pursuing a career in Europe, Asia, South America, or elsewhere, whether with a US company or an international firm, then contact us today.

    The International CJSS is an all inclusive service, starting at the low price of $3000. (Other companies charge up to $10,000)


“Keep on doing what you’ve been doing…and you’ll keep on getting what you’ve been getting. Excellence in anything, shares equal amounts of difficulty. If it’s easy or free, nothing changes.”

Many of our services may be tax-deductible!

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What our clients are saying...

"Pursuing new opportunities was challenging, being on an H1B visa. Arthur walked me through every step of the process, actively seeking all H1B employment possibilities... Landing my new job with a Big 4 firm was a dream come true as a result of Arthur’s relentless efforts and involvement. Arthur is truly an expert and I would recommend his “out of the box” approach and attitude to anyone!"

M.H.-Sr Auditor, CPA-Detroit

"I wanted to thank you for the amazing effort you made to revamp my resume! If not for your efforts and your bringing to my attention that my resume needed some serious reworking, I never would have secured a job at a Big 4 accounting firm in the US!"

M.G.-IT Auditor-Kuwait/Detroit

"It has been a pleasure working with Arthur. I was unemployed and couldn’t get a job because of some immigration issues. Arthur explained what the best options were for someone in my situation. He never turned his back on me even when I faced complexities in my visa petition. He was always available to answer any questions and provided whatever help he could."

S.G.-CPA-Sr Auditor-Pittsburgh
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