July 2010 Newsletter

2010 is already halfway over.  Amazing how fast time flies.  Rather than taking out the Christmas decorations over the next few weeks, as Wal-Mart undoubtedly will, it would be wise, considering the economy and the job market today, to use the opportunity of the summer months, a brief respite for many, to rethink what you want for the future.

Short-term financial woes might tempt you to give up on the future and focus solely on the present, and that would be a mistake.  The business world is a cycle, up and down, the one following the other.  And we always seem to think that whatever part we are currently in, that’s the way it will always be, whether for the good or the bad.  But things will change, getting better, regardless of how hard the government tries to prevent it.  And when things get better, the future may have already moved very far out ahead of you.

NOW is the time to regain control of your career rather than letting it control you; define it, rather than it defining you.  Call it a quirk of our current culture if you will, but our job is a pretty important part of our identity.  To those around us, it tends to define us, in one way or another. So if people insist on seeing you as a job, then at the very least, choose the job you will be.

At the GCSC, our goal is simple: to teach you to define yourself, present yourself, recreate yourself, so that you can become the professional you want to be.  From resume to interview to contract negotiations, and all the networking in between, we teach you the steps to implementing a deliberate career path that puts you in control.

Our program is simple:

  • Create your personal identity (or brand, to use more technical jargon) through a professional resume and cover letter and effective networking skills. We see hundreds of resumes every month and though your resume is not everything, nevertheless, it is the first impression recruiters and hiring managers have of you.  What do you want them to see you as?  A list of tasks?  A few certifications and a degree?  Or do you want them to see YOU, what you can do, what you can bring?  Our resume writers bring out that quality, that distilled essence of your career to date, to express to potential employers what you have to offer them.

  • Map your career plan (including geography, industry, companies, discipline, etc.). An important question for every professional is: where are you going?  What is your aim in your career?  Is it simply financial security?  Or do you have the drive and ambition for more but don’t have a plan or the right focus?  Or has worry about the present situation stalled your future momentum?  That’s what we’re here to alleviate.

  • Attain the right job so you can take the first step on that path to a successful career.With a solid personal brand, the proper interview tactics and techniques, and the right connections under your belt, you have the assets to truly to succeed, no matter what your chosen career objective.

And our trained staff has plenty of expertise in these areas, having helped thousands of people over the last 15 years achieve their career goals, including those in the midst of significant transitions in geography and industry and those who have a stable job at the moment but don’t have the time to explore the career they’ve always wanted and need guidance.

Many of our services are tax-deductible and, if you need another incentive, if Global Recruiters, our sister company, places you in your new position, we’ll refund the price of our services.

So don’t delay; visit our website, http://globalcareerstrategies.org, for a detailed description of our services.  And contact Global Career Strategies Center today to learn how we can assist you in achieving your career goals.  Don’t let the present steal your future!

See what some of our satisfied customers are already saying about our services:

After ten years of solid employment (facilitated in part by previous assistance from Global’s recruiting arm), I found myself with dismal prospects during a time of high unemployment in one of the harder hit parts of the US. Turning again to Global, this time to the Global Career Strategy Center, I engaged them to rewrite my resume, which hadn’t been updated for a few years and needed significant tweaking. They totally redesigned my resume to emphasize my career accomplishments, focusing on the key benefits I could provide to potential employers. From the moment I made my new resume active on several job search websites, my phone was ringing off the hook in this tough job market. I received many compliments on my resume from hiring managers, HR professionals, and recruiters, and thanks to the GCSC and the whole Global family, I just started my new job with a prominent Fortune 500 company. I highly recommend this service for anyone.

R.S., CPA MBA-6/2010-Detroit-Metro

GCSC knows how to open doors and create opportunities! Initially, I worked with Global Recruiters in 2007 when I was leaving public accounting and they placed me with a Metro Detroit SEC company. Unfortunately, I was affected in my most recent position due to the economy and market. I immediately reached out to GCSC for assistance regarding my current job search that will be taking me to the West Coast.

We first revised my resume by incorporating my accomplishments in a dynamic manner to bring out the value I can offer to my next employer. I was so pleased with the results and increased feedback that I decided to meet with GCSC for a career coaching/job search strategy session. GCSC educated me on how to conduct a strategic job search without using the job boards. I also learned how to research and target companies, how to effectively market myself in various networking situations and how to use the power of LinkedIn. Since I met with GCSC (which has been less than 72 hours) I have already received interest from companies on the West Coast via the methods I have started utilizing!! This innovative and non-traditional job search approach really works.

I would encourage anyone and everyone that wants to separate themselves from the thousands of professionals in this competitive marketplace to make the same investment I did. I am confident that putting these proven principles into practice will help me find the position and company that I am searching for!

J.Q., CPA, MSA-8/2009-Metro Detroit (As of 1/2010…started new opportunity on the West Coast)

I was very skeptical when GCSC suggested that my resume still needed improvement after I had just paid a high-end career consultant $5,000 for a comprehensive redraft. But I was getting only an anemic response after months of applying to job postings, talking to various recruiters and even a targeted direct-mail campaign. GCSC explained that while my high-end resume had indeed captured all the substance of a distinguished career over a three-page document, the challenge in this market was to capture the attention of an inundated reviewer within the 10-15 seconds of allotted time. I worked with GCSC to reformat and streamline the resume in a way that highlighted my skill sets, most-relevant employment history, and personality all on the very first page, and reduced the entire document to two pages without compromising any of its essence. Within several days, Global Recruiters had already lined up two phone interviews with hiring managers of major corporations. I am looking forward to a successful job search.

J.S., CPA, JD-12/2009-East Coast (Received two offers as of 01/2010)

Arthur Gluzman, CEO, *PRA, *PCC
Managing Partner
Global Career Strategy Center

248.489.1900 ext. 21 (Direct)
248.489.9008 (Fax)
248.390.5598 (Cell)

*Professional Resume Advisor, *Professional Career Coach

Please visit our website at www.globalcareerstrategies.org for further information about our organization and the services we offer.

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What our clients are saying...

"Pursuing new opportunities was challenging, being on an H1B visa. Arthur walked me through every step of the process, actively seeking all H1B employment possibilities... Landing my new job with a Big 4 firm was a dream come true as a result of Arthur’s relentless efforts and involvement. Arthur is truly an expert and I would recommend his “out of the box” approach and attitude to anyone!"

M.H.-Sr Auditor, CPA-Detroit

"I wanted to thank you for the amazing effort you made to revamp my resume! If not for your efforts and your bringing to my attention that my resume needed some serious reworking, I never would have secured a job at a Big 4 accounting firm in the US!"

M.G.-IT Auditor-Kuwait/Detroit

"It has been a pleasure working with Arthur. I was unemployed and couldn’t get a job because of some immigration issues. Arthur explained what the best options were for someone in my situation. He never turned his back on me even when I faced complexities in my visa petition. He was always available to answer any questions and provided whatever help he could."

S.G.-CPA-Sr Auditor-Pittsburgh
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