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January 28, 2011

Job Search 3.0

Time to get 2011 off to a running start.  You've seen the employment figures out and the economic recovery is rumbling, stumbling, and well, tumbling forward in a way that has seen more spin from economic analysts than a vinyl record (watch me date myself).  But 9.4% is definitely better than 10% and the stock market has surged over recent weeks so it's time to be optimistic about the job market, in light of the new year.

One thing that most analysts can agree on, however,  is that things are going to have to change.  The American job market (as distinct from the world at large) has transformed, aged, and transitioned in recent years.  We didn't feel the effects, at first, because of the last economic boom but the Recession has certainly reminded us all about what it means to see real competition from China, India, and other countries around the world.  So as professionals, we have to adapt to this challenge by arming ourselves with effective tools and strategies for what will likely be a more painful, awkward career path, including being prepared to change jobs, change careers, change location, and change industries (sometimes on short notice) to stay ahead and remain competitive.

So keep this in mind when you begin to despair of the goal: you are not merely working at your current job or to get your next one; rather, you are working on yourself.  Your resume, LinkedIn profile, and any number of other written descriptions of your experience are summaries of that overall progress, the accumulation of a singular deposit of expertise and accomplishments that, more or less, equals the "professional you."  And that person, when marketed correctly, remains the key to your success because it is unique and has something to offer. 

At Global Career Strategy Center, it is our singular mission to equip you with the latest weaponry and guerrilla tactics to wage a successful war in this convoluted "cloud" we called the job market, to secure the prize of a better-paying, more-satisfying career that is actually going in the direction you intend.  Our free seminars (more coming up in February, check our website for details) provide the instruction manual for "Job Search 3.0", covering resume crafting, social media (twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and numerous other networks), job search methodologies, interview techniques, and salary negotiations.  We have just what you need to make a move and keep your career up to date in 2011.

But many of you may have been receiving these newsletters for a while wondering, "what exactly is this seminar all about, how will it look, what kind of discussion takes place there?"  Well, we've got a treat for you this month.  During our last seminar, we had video taken and the movie linked below will, we hope, give you a better idea of what our seminars entail:

Arthur Gluzman via GCSC – Global Career Strategy Center

Arthur Gluzman – What 99% of job seekers do wrong

So contact us today to get the inside track, not just on a new job, but on a career.  

As you grab for the phone or hit the "reply" button to contact us about our upcoming seminars and career consulting services, here is some simple advice, baby steps as it were, to get you started on planning a successful job search:


The Highly Efficient Job Search

Every unemployed person has heard this saying: Finding a job is a job. Unfortunately, it's not the kind of work that makes you want to whistle while you do it. But as with any task, you can take steps to make it easier. Here are some tips to help you boost your efficiency as your search for a new job:

Set a Schedule
It's important to establish and adhere to a regular schedule, bringing the same level of discipline and diligence to your search that you would a 9-to-5 job. Get into the routine of creating a prioritized to-do list each morning, laying out what you want to accomplish and, just as important, a deadline by which you want to accomplish it.

Developing a daily plan of attack will keep you from falling prey to countless distractions. For instance, if you've set a goal to follow up with three of the HR representatives you met at yesterday's job fair by noon today, you're less likely to lose focus or procrastinate during the morning.

In addition, your job hunt won't feel so overwhelming and all-encompassing if you're in the habit of starting and stopping around the same time each day. Scanning online job boards and professional networking sites around the clock is a recipe for burnout. Giving yourself permission to enjoy some downtime can help you manage stress and maintain morale when you're out of work.

Focus on Specific Targets
The more resumes you send, the better your chances of finding employment, right? Not exactly.

Many applicants make the mistake of adopting a scatter-shot approach to their job search, focusing on quantity instead of quality. But finding an employment opportunity isn't strictly a numbers game. You're better off sending customized resumes to a smaller number of prospects you've researched ahead of time than firing off the same generic document to every company with an opening.

Make better use of your time–and improve your odds of landing job interviews–by adapting your resume to highlight the skills, qualifications, and accomplishments most relevant to each employer. Integrate applicable keywords from the job ad, and review the company's website and marketing materials to gain beyond-the-basics knowledge of the firm.

Get Organized–and Stay Organized
Clutter and poor planning can lead to chaos and last-minute scrambling. Getting organized will help you avoid messy surprises that come in the form of missed opportunities, errors, oversights, and extra work. (If you've ever lost a vital business card or shown up at the wrong time or place for an interview, you know the dangers of being disorganized.)

Develop a system that enables you to quickly retrieve documents and keep track of dates, names, and contact information. As long as you have a method that works for you, it doesn't matter if you use electronic tools or an old-fashioned Rolodex and paper calendar. Knowing that you'll be able to find what you need at a moment's notice in an appropriately named file aids productivity and provides peace of mind.

Investing a few minutes at the end of each day to update your calendar and tidy up your physical workspace, digital desktop, and email inbox will save you significant time (and headaches) in the long run. The bottom line: Staying organized may help you find your next job more quickly.

Professional Assistance
In a world of increasing specialization, in the midst of a challenging job market, you can't hope to learn everything about what it takes for a successful job search from trial and error.  Don't get caught employing sloppy, scattershot strategies that actually undermine your chances of securing your next job or, even more importantly, your dream job.

At the Global Career Strategy Center, we provide the answers to all your job search questions.  Through our resume and career coaching services, we'll get you back on track with a custom-fit strategy designed to get you noticed by prospective employers and set you apart from the competition. 

And we several FREE seminars coming up in the month of February designed to help job seekers design and implement an effective job search.  Our current series, Savvy Job Searching, is all about creating your own personal brand (through resume writing, online social media, and interviewing techniques) and learning the best strategies for your job search.  Contact us today to RSVP or visit our website below for further details.  

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    The Global Difference

    GCSC LogoArthur Gluzman, Managing Partner of GCSC and its parent company, has coached clients to transform their work situations and their lives: a back room auditor to a flashy fashion job at BCBG; a laid-off Midwesterner became a high-powered restaurant industry finance manager; and a go-nowhere cog-in-the-corporate-wheel redirected her career to a life in the country and a leadership position that she loves.

    A graduate of Michigan State University’s Eli Broad School of Business, Gluzman earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with an accounting concentration in 1993. He worked with a Big Five firm before transitioning into executive search and forming Global Recruiters Inc., in 1998, which became Global Consulting in 2002.



    To inquire about our services or to reserve a spot in one of our seminars, please contact us today at 1-866-JOBS-456, 248-489-1900, or email arthur@globalcareerstrategies.org.
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