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December 15, 2010

Outlook 2011/Recap 2010

No, that's not referring to the new version of a popular email software.  As the end of the year is nearly upon us, it is time to take stock of our progress and look forward to the coming year with expectation, as well as a healthy dose of fear and trembling.

As you may be aware, the holiday season has kicked off with a mixed economic outlook, blending slightly higher unemployment numbers on the negative side with higher consumer confidence, increased factory output, and a stock market boost (which many of us probably don't care so much about) on the positive side.  Even Michigan, which is constantly the punch line of economic jokes, has pushed out of last place and with automotive sales increasing, may finally be on the way up.  Everything is far from perfect, of course, but perhaps there is a little light at the end of the tunnel (though that may just be a Ford pick-up bearing down on you). 

But most important of all, leaving aside the economy as a whole, you need to take stock of YOUR career.  Where are you going in 2011 and beyond?  What can you do to further your career aspirations in the coming year?  Should you stay put in your current company or move on?  If you choose to strike while the market is hot, how do you start, especially if you've been out of the market for a long time?  Or if you've been out of work for a while, what can you do differently to get back into the game? 

GCSC exists to help professionals find the answers to those questions and so many more.  From advice on personal branding, to resume crafting, to job search methodologies, to interview techniques, to salary negotiations, we have just what you need to make a move and keep your career up to date in 2011.  We also have two more FREE seminars coming up in January (on the 26th and 29th), which will be chock full of the most effective job search strategies in the market today and how you can make them work for YOU!  Take a look at some of the buzz already generated by our previous seminars:

- "Very informative, out of the box information.  Investment of time is well worth it."  E.T.

- "Arthur's experience as a Recruiter and now as a Career Strategist is a natural evolution.  He is truly an expert!!" M.P.

- "Arthur Gluzman is re-inventing job search methodologies for the New Century." D.M. 

So contact us today to get the inside track, not just on a new job, but on a career.  

So while you are busy devising your list of personal New Year's resolutions this month, here is some advice from the corporate world about some things you might be thinking about concerning your career in 2011:


6 New Year's Career Resolutions for 2011

There's just something about opening a calendar for a new year that inspires us to improve our lives. So it's no surprise that New Year's career resolutions often focus on big goals–such as a promotion or a new job.

And that's why many resolutions get tossed aside by the second week in January. We get overwhelmed when we realize that outcomes are not always in our control.  But there are plenty of attainable goals–such as adding people to your network or committing to read one business-related book per month–that can add up to eventual career success.

Experts recommend a mix of easy-to-achieve and lofty goals. The important part is to choose goals that are directly related to making you more successful in your job.

Here are some other suggestions from the experts:

Hone your elevator pitch.
It starts with honing your personal brand. Perform a simple inventory: What did you do in 2010 that has transferable value to your employer or potential employer in 2011? Then turn that into a succinct (60 seconds or less) pitch on what you are uniquely positioned to do better than anyone else.

You can also get people to start talking about you by updating your LinkedIn profile with any certifications you've earned or classes you're taking, as well as forwarding relevant articles. Create your own buzz. It's self-promotion, but it's not shameless.

Brush up on hard skills.
Head back to school for additional education, certification, diplomas, or language skills. Once you have the knowledge and skill, it's yours forever–hard to take away. Industries and work environments change, so make sure you're keeping up. Be intentional about your knowledge base and upgrade or update it now.

Solidify your soft skills.

While you're admiring that new diploma hanging on the wall, you shouldn't forget about "soft" skills, such as business etiquette, body language, and personal accountability. Master the arts of introductions, conversation, and establishing professional presence. Ask others to judge your handshake, table manners, and posture.

A University of Illinois study concluded that 55 percent of the first impression you make is based on your appearance and your body language. And while first impressions are made within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone, it can take up to as many as 21 interactions to undo a bad first impression. If you want to be known for being detail-oriented, hem your pants, polish your fingernails, or iron that shirt.

Work better with others.
Employees should treat everyone they work with as if they are a customer. Everyone includes your company's management team, your direct supervisor, even your cubicle-mate. Provide knock-your-socks-off service.

One place to start is by sharing credit with your team and with everyone in the organization who contributed to a success. When you do this consistently, you become the kind of leader people will want to follow, regardless of your title. Likewise, acknowledge people when they do great work, and be specific: Give evidence that demonstrates you understand their work and the difference it made to the organization.

Approach failure as an opportunity.

Use every failure or mistake as an opportunity to learn and plan for the future. Pay attention to what you were trying to accomplish, what you did to make that happen, what went right, and what went wrong. By taking time to consider what went into a failed initiative, you can learn what could have been done better–and in the future, if you're presented with a similar situation or project, you'll know what you should do differently.

Get advice.
No matter how much experience you have, you will never possess an exhaustive knowledge of the constantly shifting job market.  So get advice from the experts, the people who have been involved in the industry for decades and who make it their business to keep up to date.

At the Global Career Strategy Center, we have several FREE seminars scheduled in the month of January, on the 26th and the 29th.  Our current series, Savvy Job Searching, is all about creating your own personal brand (through resume writing, online social media, and interviewing techniques) and learning the best strategies for your job search.  Contact us today to RSVP or visit our website below for further details.  

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    GCSC LogoArthur Gluzman, Managing Partner of GCSC and its parent company, has coached clients to transform their work situations and their lives: a back room auditor to a flashy fashion job at BCBG; a laid-off Midwesterner became a high-powered restaurant industry finance manager; and a go-nowhere cog-in-the-corporate-wheel redirected her career to a life in the country and a leadership position that she loves.

    A graduate of Michigan State University’s Eli Broad School of Business, Gluzman earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with an accounting concentration in 1993. He worked with a Big Five firm before transitioning into executive search and forming Global Recruiters Inc., in 1998, which became Global Consulting in 2002.



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